A Short Guide To Exterminator Insurance

Exterminators play a very important role in helping people’s homes stay free of unhealthy little critters. They handle all kinds of pests that range from termites to wasps. However, in addition to this task, exterminators need to ensure that they keep their business healthy.  With the wide variety of different situations that exterminators are exposed to, their work also comes with a certain amount of risk.  This is where pest control insurance comes in.

Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Pest Control Business?

As a pest control operator, you face a variety of situations that could lead to a lawsuit. Something as simple as overlooking termite damage or incorrectly applying chemicals could lead to a long and expensive legal battle. Pest control insurance can help pick up these costs and ensure that your business can keep on running smoothly.

What Types Of Coverage Do You Need For Your Pest Control Business?

There are a few types of insurance coverage that every exterminator should have. The first vital type of insurance is general liability insurance. This insurance applies to situations where you make an error that leads to someone getting injured or damaged property. If you have employees you will also want workers’ compensation insurance to cover costs associated with one of your employees getting injured. If your business uses vehicles, you will also want to have a commercial vehicle policy to cover any potential accidents.

Running an exterminating business can be difficult. Having good insurance can make a huge difference.

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