3 Ways To Prevent Real Estate Negligence Claims

Most people don’t see real estate as a particularly risky field to work in. However, as with most professions, real estate agents are constantly at risk of facing a lawsuit.

Of all claims, negligence is tricky because it is typically done unintentionally. However, real estate agents are still legally held responsible for their actions, whether intentional or not. While it isn’t possible to completely steer clear of lawsuits, here are 3 easy ways to avoid real estate negligence claims.

Make a List

During the inspection period, it can be helpful to make a checklist to ensure every nook and cranny is thoroughly examined. Common property issues like foundation flaws, roof damage, and plumbing problems should all be disclosed to your clients sooner rather than later.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

When talking to clients, you should always put honesty before anything else. Many real estate agents prioritize sales over people, and that’s where negligence can easily come into play. Most negligence claims revolve around failure to disclose important information about the property. By answering questions truthfully and not withholding any information, these claims can be easily avoided. Your clients should always come first.

Get Insured

While you can’t prevent every lawsuit, you can prevent them from draining your bank account. Getting real estate liability insurance is the only way to fully protect yourself from a damaging negligence claim.

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Abuse in Nursing Homes Is a Real Problem

Putting a loved one into a nursing homey can be a wrenching decision for many families. This is compounded by frequent claims of abuse and neglect within many of these facilities. It is up to skilled care providers to control the conditions that allow nursing home abuse to go unchecked.

Top Complaints of Skilled Care Patients

The lack of adequate staffing is a key underlying factor in complaints filed against nursing facilities. As such, it should come as no surprise that one of the most frequent issues is a poor or slow response time to patient requests.  This can easily be classified as abuse as residents go without necessary medical interventions. These other common complaints can also cause serious problems for emotional and physical wellbeing:

  • Poor food quality
  • Lack of social interaction
  • Disruptions to sleep
  • Insufficient staffing

How Nursing Homes Can Improve Care

Luckily, many of the most common nursing home complaints can be resolved with proper management. A good first step in improving care is to gather feedback from residents and their families. This can bring underlying issues to the surface and uncover solutions that work for everyone involved.

Providing adequate training to staff can dramatically improve care outcomes. In many cases, it will also help improve employee retention, which reduces strain on administration and results in better relationships between care staff and patients.

Nursing home care is a vital service that many adults will need at some point. Understanding complaints about current care services can help managers improve and provide better service going forward.

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Insurance for Courtesy Shuttle Companies

Operating a courtesy shuttle company exposes you to a certain amount of risk. If an accident occurs, the driver or passengers could become injured, or the vehicle may suffer damages. Having the right insurance for courtesy shuttle can protect your business and offer you peace of mind.


There are many ways in which an accident can occur. For example, the shuttle may collide with another vehicle or stationary object. Something may strike the parked shuttle and damage the body or windows.

Passengers or the driver may get injured if they slip and fall entering or exiting the vehicle. Items may become lost, damaged or stolen, resulting in reimbursement claims.

Insurance Benefits

The right insurance plan will cover a variety of circumstances, such as:

  • Collisions
  • Comprehensive
  • General liability
  • Bodily Injuries
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Towing
  • Rentals

If your courtesy shuttle service moves cargo or regularly crosses state lines, then you may want to consider additional coverage to ensure adequate protection is in place in case of an accident.

Owning a courtesy shuttle business can be an enjoyable and lucrative endeavor. As long as you have the right insurance policy in place, you can ensure your company’s safety in the event of an accident and focus your attention on growing your company.

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Stay on Top of the Latest Cyber Risks With Proper Insurance

In the digital age, new threats are appearing every day. The first step any business owner needs to take to protect his or her assets is formulate a plan for cyber protection. From extortion to data leaks, there are all kinds of issues that you need to stay mindful of when running a business in the modern era. By taking out an appropriate insurance plan, you can meet all of the latest cyber risks with a sense of confidence that you are protected.

Common Cyber Risks

Practical cyber risk insurance should always include the most common online threats. Since data is considered one of the most valuable assets nowadays, you absolutely want to be sure your coverage includes protections in the event data is stolen, lost, or compromised. Additionally, you want to look into reimbursement possibilities if your business is the victim of extortion after data is stolen. Other areas of which to keep mindful when selecting your coverage can include:

  • Gaps in network security
  • Protection for cloud-based systems
  • Plan for ransomware

Face the Future

Running a business these days means learning how to stay on top of the latest threats facing you on the internet. Take time when picking out an appropriate plan for your cyber needs and it can make all the difference toward your success.

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Be in the Know About Workplace Violence

Workplace violence includes any type of physical, verbal, or emotional coercion that occurs on the job. Most violence is simply verbal or nonphysical in nature. People can become affected and involved. Even with most incidences being non-physical, the third-largest cause of fatalities in the US are acts of violence and injuries in the workplace. This makes understanding and preventing workplace violence incredibly important.

Who Is at Risk?

Many American workers suffer from workplace violence each year. Unfortunately, many cases go unreported. Research has identified some factors that contribute to workplace violence.

  • Those working with the public exchanging money
  • Working with volatile or unstable people
  • Working alone or in isolated areas
  • Being around or serving alcohol
  • Working at an unsafe time of day (late at night)

Certain career fields such as law enforcement, public service, and delivery services workers are especially at risk.

Mitigating Workplace Violence

Violence in most workplaces may be kept to a minimum or is at least eliminated, provided employers exercise discretion. one of the finest methods of safeguarding workers’ well-being is to enforce a zero-tolerance policy. It should apply to all personnel, patients, clients patients, visitors, and contractors at the organization.

Preventing workplace violence is critical in running any business. Ensuring you have policies in place and enforcing them will make your company a more desirable and safer place to work.

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Coverage for Entertainment Businesses

The entertainment industry is unique in the risks it takes because its unique mode of operation combines several services with performance, venue curation and hospitality, and even tourism businesses. With such a complex combination of needs, it’s no wonder it can be tough to figure out whether your business is completely covered. When you add in the fact that entertainment insurance coverage needs to be highly individualized because of the wide range of activities it could embrace, things get even more complicated. That’s why many business owners choose to work with a single comprehensive coverage provider.

One Policy Package for All Your Insurance

It takes a long time to narrow down all your insurance needs, especially if you do it alone. One advantage to working with an insurance agent who provides all the options entertainment businesses need? They know how to interview you so that they can tell you what coverage to add, without any guesswork. When building a quote from scratch, this technique makes sure it’s a complete one:

  • Liability protection
  • Property protection
  • Workers compensation as required
  • Independent contractor coverage
  • Commercial vehicle protection

If there are any additional policy areas your business needs to invest in, an expert in entertainment insurance coverage will be able to tell after reviewing your operations. All you need to do is provide them with a complete picture of your operations.

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Which Workers Have Benefits Under Maritime Workers’ Comp?

Many nautical jobs are high-risk and involve dangerous equipment and potentially hazardous conditions. Maritime workers compensation insurance helps pay expenses when employees sustain injuries while performing work tasks.

Who Does Maritime Workers’ Comp Cover?

Workers’ compensation policies for those who work on or near the water are different from other workers’ comp plans. With this specific type of coverage, employees have unique benefits depending on the nature of their jobs.


A seaman refers to anyone who works on a boat or ship that is in navigation. This category includes any captains and crew members aboard the vessel. Seamen who sustain injuries have the following entitlements:

  • Claims against the owner of the vessel
  • Lawsuits against their employer
  • Maintenance and cure no matter who is at fault

Maintenance is a payment amount to cover the daily living expenses of injured workers. Cure refers to the associated medical costs.

Other Workers

Employees who work near or on the water but do not qualify as seamen have different compensation rights under a maritime workers compensation insurance plan. Workers who build boats, load and unload ships or make repairs typically qualify for workers’ comp protections. Employees who perform clerical work or other tasks that do not directly relate to the water do not receive benefits.

Maritime workers can incur severe injuries. Workers’ compensation coverage protects employees by covering medical treatment and other damages.

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Prepare for EPLI Claims

As an employer, you have to think about the kinds of insurance policies that can protect your business. How much do you know about Employment Practices Liability Insurance or EPLI coverage? If you want your company to remain protected, here is why you need EPLI coverage.

What Are EPLI Claims?

Any claim that your employee’s legal rights have been violated constitutes an EPLI claim. Employees may file lawsuits against your company claiming discrimination, wage-and-hour disputes, sexual harassment and more.

As an employer, you have certain rules that you have to follow. You cannot discriminate against your employees based on sex, gender, ethnicity, age and more. For instance, an EPLI claim may include employees who claim that they were passed over for a promotion due to their gender or ethnicity.

What Does an EPLI Policy Cover?

EPLI policies may cover a variety of claims. These claims include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Negligent evaluation
  • Wrongful discipline
  • Breach of employment contract

It does not matter if the allegations are true or false. EPLI policies will cover the court fees and potential settlements. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; you have the insurance company to help pay the costs of different claims.

EPLI coverage is a necessity for all businesses. Without it, you could face lawsuits that may potentially break your business.

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A Short Guide To Exterminator Insurance

Exterminators play a very important role in helping people’s homes stay free of unhealthy little critters. They handle all kinds of pests that range from termites to wasps. However, in addition to this task, exterminators need to ensure that they keep their business healthy.  With the wide variety of different situations that exterminators are exposed to, their work also comes with a certain amount of risk.  This is where pest control insurance comes in.

Why Do You Need Insurance For Your Pest Control Business?

As a pest control operator, you face a variety of situations that could lead to a lawsuit. Something as simple as overlooking termite damage or incorrectly applying chemicals could lead to a long and expensive legal battle. Pest control insurance can help pick up these costs and ensure that your business can keep on running smoothly.

What Types Of Coverage Do You Need For Your Pest Control Business?

There are a few types of insurance coverage that every exterminator should have. The first vital type of insurance is general liability insurance. This insurance applies to situations where you make an error that leads to someone getting injured or damaged property. If you have employees you will also want workers’ compensation insurance to cover costs associated with one of your employees getting injured. If your business uses vehicles, you will also want to have a commercial vehicle policy to cover any potential accidents.

Running an exterminating business can be difficult. Having good insurance can make a huge difference.

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Common Lawsuits Against Real Estate Agents

When it comes to professionals who are likely to face lawsuits, real estate agents are among the top four on the list. As a real estate agent, you have to expect cases to happen, regardless of how professional you are. Here are some of the most common reasons that you might face real estate lawsuits.

Allegations of Negligence

If you do not perform due diligence and inform your client of all issues with the property or do not perform an inspection, your client could claim that you were negligent. Even if you do your due diligence, however, and remain honest, you could still face negligence accusations if there are any issues with the property you didn’t notice.

Allegations of Contract Breach

Real estate contracts are complicated. When it comes to the terms of sale, you have to ensure that the closing dates are clear, that there are home inspection contingencies and that any extra costs are outlined and explained. If there are any mistakes in the contract, then the buyer or seller could file a lawsuit against you for breach of contract.

Even if you have the best risk mitigation and understand the reason for the lawsuits, you still won’t have adequate protection with professional real estate insurance. Do not wait for the allegations to happen before you invest in insurance.

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