How To Open an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities are an excellent investment in the coming years. About 73 million people are part of the Baby Boomer generation and they are quickly approaching their golden years. If you own and operate a facility, you have the distinct opportunity not only to create a solid business investment but also to help people enjoy their retired years.

Financing Your Project

Unless you happen to have enough capital to start the facility on your own, securing financing is the first step. A number of loan types work for assisted living facilities. Most commonly, people apply for SBA loans, bank financing, or multifamily loans. Some use conventional mortgage loans.

Finding the Right Property

Assisted living facilities must meet accessibility requirements. Whether you purchase an established one or build your own, it must be one story with hallways large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. The patients’ rooms must have accessibility options as well, such as roll-in showers. Properties with large lawns and lots of windows look more cheerful and often gain more interest.

Making the Facility Legal

Operating an assisted living facility has legal requirements. The property must be zoned for it, and you have to obtain licenses and certifications. Specialized insurance is necessary, too. One website,, offers a highlighted look at which assisted living business insurance you need. Common ones include liability, workers’ compensation, and property insurance.

Regulations for assisted living facilities vary between states. Research your state’s laws to determine what you’ll need to get your facility up and running.

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How to Protect Your Boat Club

Mariners Insurance

If you have a boat club, you already know how important it is to provide your members with a setting that is both safe and fun. Here is a look at how boat club insurance can protect your club in a variety of ways.

Coverage While Training or Participating

Boat club coverage offers protection in various activities, such as training for sailing school or even regatta participation. If your members take part in any of these, you can feel comfortable knowing they are covered. Since these types of situations can be a little more accident-prone than other types of activities, it is helpful to have the right coverage in place if a problem occurs and someone decides to sue.

Protecting Property and Grounds

Accidents can happen anywhere, including on the grounds that your boats are on. According to Mariners Insurance, your boat club protection can include both the grounds and even member property. Your members can have confidence that when they use the club, they are safe no matter what the situation.

Finding boat club insurance can be tricky. If you offer activities such as regatta participation, having coverage can be helpful. Protecting the grounds and member property are just one more way you can instil confidence in the services you offer.

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Stay Protected on the Water While Conducting Business

Arroyo Insurance programs

Companies headquartered near the coast or lake may buy a boat to entertain clients or treat employees. Many general liability policies do not cover the incidents that happen while on the vessel. A separate watercraft liability policy can keep your assets protected while you enjoy the beauty of the water.


As referenced on Arroyo Insurance programs, a watercraft exclusion is common for general liability policies. This means that if your client or employee is injured on the boat, you may have to pay out of pocket for the medical expenses without a separate policy. Boating injuries are common from someone falling overboard to slipping on a wet deck.


Property damage can happen while out on the water. The driver can run into another object such as a boat. The bottom of the water may be closer than you think causing damage to the hull. Or perhaps someone didn’t properly tie down the boat and it slips off the boat ramp causing damage.


A rental company can be a great way to enjoy the water without the expenses of owning a boat. However, the rental company may require an additional insurance policy to protect their investment.

Don’t rely on a general liability policy while conducting business on a boat. A separate watercraft liability policy allows you to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the water while still being protected.

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When Your Teenager Hits The Road

insurance brokers (FGIB)

Congratulations — you are the parent of a teenager with a driver’s license off the presses! Don’t panic, Mom and Dad, you went through it once too. Take a breath and follow some calm-down techniques for when your teen gets their driver’s license.

Contact Your Insurance

First things first: Insurance brokers need to be told that there’s someone new who will be driving your vehicle. Let them know before your child goes anywhere alone so that you’ve got everyone protected in case of an accident. If you’re curious, see what has to say about the matter.

Download A Tracking App

To ensure that your kiddo gets from point A to point B safely, let them know that they will have a tracking app installed on their phone so that you can make sure that they arrive safely (and to make sure that they are where they say they are!).

Remind Them To Be Safe

There are too many horror stories about teens on the road, and you don’t want yours to be one of them. Sit your child down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with him or her about the dangers of driving unsafely. You might not think they hear you, but in times of trouble, Mom or Dad’s voice is often the first one you think of. You might be surprised.

Teaching your child to be a responsible driver is a highly stressful task, but it’s worth it in the end. Do what you need to do to calm yourself down while your teen is out on the road.

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Understanding the Basic Points of Your Insurance Coverage

insurance coverage

Understanding the Basic Points of Your Insurance Coverage

Operating a marina comes with a number of unique obstacles. In order for you to keep your establishment protected and your workers safe, you need to think about finding the right insurance coverage. Understanding Marina slip contracts can make a big difference to selecting a policy that fits your needs and keeps your business safe in the event of the unknown.

Areas of Coverage

As mentioned by, there are a few key areas marina operators should focus on when selecting a policy. Liability insurance is an absolute must. This goes for all boats that are docked in your marina. Before anyone uses your services, ensure their liability policies are current. Additional areas to focus on with your policy include:

  • Workers’ compensation for your employees
  • Coverage for contractors and subcontractors
  • A waiver of subrogation to protect from legal action

Individual Policies

It is also important that each boat owner has insurance coverage that fully protects in the event of a loss. While your policy will be able to cover certain situations, ensuring individual policies amongst your clients can help you cover all your bases and see the best results.

Finding sensible insurance coverage for your marina begins with a bit of research. Discover what policy options fit your specific needs and see how you can get started.

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Protecting Residents in Your Nursing Home

Insurance Protection

Managing a nursing home assisted living homes, or similar type of residence for an older
population is important. Equally as important is selecting the right coverage to protect residents.
That's why finding care home residents insurance is necessary in case something should
happen. Here are some of the benefits of having this type of protection on your side.
It Protects An Ever-Changing Setting
Many nursing homes and similar settings are constantly undergoing technology changes in order
to provide the best protection possible to residents, according to This
includes everything from motion sensors to protect against falls, access to easily updated medical
records when dealing with medication, and other changes. With as much technology is involved,
it is important to have the home protected, in the event that an accident or mistake does happen.
This can include a network being hacked by an outside force.
Insurance Protection Can Help With Claims
When accidents do happen, care home residents’ insurance is necessary to protect residents and
the nursing home when a claim is filed or there is a lawsuit. Without this type of coverage in
place, the home can be sued and lose a lot of money. This might even force it into being shut
down. Having the right coverage can help avoid this situation.
There are many reasons to have coverage. It can protect both ever-changing technologies, and it
can also help when a claim or lawsuit has been filed.

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Legal Issues for Engineers

professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana

Working as an engineer, you might not think about the legal issues that could arise from things like design and product development, but there are many areas of law that could jeopardize an engineer’s business and professional license. It is extremely necessary to carry professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana because of these concerns.

There a few types of laws that all engineers should understand do the impact it could have on their career.

Contract laws. Working with clients will involve contact, and understanding how these protect both the client and engineer’s rights can avoid lawsuits.

Tort laws. These deal with civil injuries that would result from negligence.
Intellectual property laws. Understanding these will keep an engineer from inadvertently infringing on copyrights, patterns or proprietary designs.

Workplace laws. General rules that deal with employee benefits, treatment, hiring, firing and equal opportunity are also concerns for an engineering firm.

Carrying professional liability insurance for engineers in Indiana will help in instances of errors and omissions that arise during a provision of services. Claims of liability by clients may be grounded in any category of the laws that have been presented, and it is best to have both a good insurance policy and sound legal counsel for your company.

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What Rights Do Staffing Employees Have?

stop-gap insurance

Operating a staffing agency means having a variety of employees under different classifications. These people may work for the business for a short period of time or be long-term, full-time employees. Each type of employee has different rights. Workers compensation, stop-gap insurance and employment practices insurance can help the staffing agency in the event an employee sues the company.

Staffing Employees

Those full- and part-time employees that work for the staffing agency and not clients are subject to standard employment laws. They may require benefits such as health insurance options. Workers compensation insurance is required for each employee.

Temporary Employees

A temporary employee reports to the agency not the client. The agency is required to ensure the clients do not discriminate against the temporary employee.

Contract Employees

A contract employee is usually someone the client plans to hire after about 90 days. These contract-to-hire employees are under the staffing agency until they transition through formal paperwork to the client. While under the contract, the staffing agency is responsible for their treatment.

In monopolistic states such as Washington, stop-gap insurance fills in the gaps left with state-sponsored workers compensation insurance. Since a staffing agency works a little differently than traditional businesses, the liabilities are also different. The right insurance company knows how to cover your risks.

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Why Construction Managers Need Liability Insurance

construction management insurance

Why Construction Managers Need Liability Insurance

As a construction manager, you are liable for your workers and the project. If a client files suit against you, what protections do you have in place? Construction management insurance is crucial for any manager working in construction. Here is what you need to know about construction management coverages and why you need it.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is crucial for every business. This is particularly true when it comes to construction. Anything can happen on the job. Accidents occur in all businesses. A construction job involves a lot of money and a lot of investment from your clients. This opens the door to lawsuits. Also, your workers are dealing with heavy equipment and if something happens to the project, you need coverage.

E&O Insurance

Errors and Omissions insurance coverage is also crucial to construction managers. As a construction manager, you could be mistaken about a project. There are cases where your errors may occur and a client may hold it against you. In this case, you need E&O insurance to cover your construction company.

No industry can perform its duties without adequate protection. This goes for construction companies. Do not skip out on construction management insurance. The coverages are a necessary part of doing business and without it, your business won’t be protected.

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Public Liability Insurance for Production Companies

entertainment public liability insurance

If you work in the field of entertainment, public liability insurance is an excellent idea. Film production companies in particular deal with many people and a litigious society it’s a good idea to have sufficient insurance coverage.

What Public Liability Insurance Covers

Public liability insurance covers costs associated with defending yourself in the event of a lawsuit. It will protect you against claims that are submitted by members of the public. There are three primary components to entertainment public liability insurance:

Legal fees: Public liability insurance will cover any associated attorney fees that are necessary for dealing with a claim. This could include consultation time and time needed to represent you or your business in a lawsuit.

Bodily injury: If a member of the public is injured on your business property, this coverage will cover associated costs such as medical fees.

Property damage: This coverage will cover costs associated with damage that is caused to someone else’s property. This could include damage done to someone’s possessions while they are on your property. It could also cover damage that you or a member of your staff cause to someone else’s property while they are off-site. For example, if a set location specialist is conducting a site visit for a potential filming location and breaks something, that could be covered under property damage.

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