Covering Liabilities on a Boat You Don’t Own

Mariners General Insurance Group

Boating is a popular spring through summer pastime. With the sun shining and warmer temperatures, more boats will hit the wave with each passing day. However, not everyone owns a boat. Many borrow one and wonder, “Can I insure a boat I don’t own?”

Standard Coverage

The insurance firm Mariners General Insurance Group states that a standard policy may not cover other boat drivers. This means that if you borrow your brother’s boat, his insurance may not cover damages while you are behind the wheel. If you hit some rocks and damage the hull, you may responsible for those repair costs.

Common Liabilities

Borrowing a boat causes the driver to assume the liabilities normally taken on by the boat owner. For example, bodily injury and property damage are common liabilities covered by a standard boat insurance policy. If someone slips and falls, they could sue you for damages.

Liability Protection

Make sure you ask the person you borrow the boat from whether or not their insurance covers you as a driver. If not, you will want to obtain a policy in case something happens. Everything may be completely fine while out on the water. However, if something happens, insurance protects your financial assets while covering your liabilities.

The answer to can I insure a boat I don’t own is yes, but you may not have to. If the boat owner’s insurance covers you whether as an additional driver or through umbrella coverage, you may not need any coverage.

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