How Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance Can Help a Retail Business


Hired Non Owned Auto
Hired Non Owned Auto

If your retail business is found responsible when an employee has a car accident while running an errand for you, hired non owned auto insurance can keep you from having to pay for court-related costs and any medical costs that aren’t covered by the employee’s personal insurance. Even if you don’t ask employees to run errands regularly, you never know when you might need something in a pinch. A customer might call in to request something that you just ran out of, and it’s good to be able to keep people interested in your business by having products continuously available. So it’s important to have the appropriate insurance coverage that can allow you to keep your peace of mind while employees help you keep your supplies in stock.


Hired Non Owned Auto Insurance Enhances Your General Liability Policy


A general liability policy keeps your business protected against expenses relating to accidents customers may have in your shop. You can upgrade this safety net by adding protection against accidents occurring with automobiles that you don’t own but that you or your employees drive for business-related purposes. With both types of coverage, your business will be in a position of strength when the unexpected occurs.


Hired non owned auto insurance doesn’t cover the cost of damage to the vehicle involved, as those costs will normally be accounted for by the driver’s personal auto insurance. 

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