Insuring a Wholesale Vape Shop

wholesale vape shop insurance

A developing industry around vaporizers and e-cigarettes involves the manufacture, wholesale, and commercial sale of devices, products and supplies. Wholesale operations may supply store-front shops or sell directly to consumers, and some wholesalers specialize in certain components. Owners should investigate options for wholesale vape shop insurance.

Business Insurance Plans for Wholesale Vendors

Many insurance providers are reluctant to insure businesses that sell e-cigarettes or vaporizers and supplies because these products are considered hard-to-place risks. Wholesale shop owners should look for providers that specialize in these types of operations.

Liability Coverage for Wholesalers

Even wholesalers that do not deal directly with customers should look for ways to cover themselves from claims emanating from store-front vape shops. Owners may also be concerned with liability exposures related to malfunctioning equipment and want to consider wholesale vape shop insurance plans offering a range of limits.

Additional Wholesale Shop Coverage

Wholesale businesses may be interested in additional types of coverage suited to the scale of their operations. Property coverage may be available as part of a larger commercial package or as standalone coverage.

Operations interested in wholesale vape shop insurance need agencies that are capable of offering them protection from unique risks. Appropriate coverage allows owners to focus on expanding their share of the market.

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