How to Keep Workers Compensation Rates Low

electrical workers compensation

If you are a small business owner, you understand that controlling costs is the only way to make money. For those in the construction or skilled trade fields, though, keeping insurance rates low can seem impossible. The best way to control the rates for electrical workers compensation is to promote safety at the worksite. Here’s how you do that?

As an employer, your primary safety responsibility is to ensure that everyone knows the rules. As such, you need to guarantee your workers receive the training they need to do their job correctly and safety. Plan to conduct periodic safety meeting, including retraining on old topics. Ask that your employees sign a training attestation.

As important as knowing how to work safely is having the tools to do a safe job. As an employer, providing tools and safety equipment is your job. Make sure your electrical workers have the ladders, extension cords, and other equipment they need. Remember, though, that equipment is only useful if your employees use it. Periodically check to make sure your workers are wearing protective clothing, masks, and other gear to keep them safe.

As a small business owner, you understand how difficult it can be to keep your electrical workers compensation rates low. By following a few suggestions, you can promote safety at the jobsite and lower rates.

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