Myths About Nursing Liability Insurance

Nursing Service Organization

There are many myths swirling around the healthcare industry regarding professional liability insurance such as Nursing Service Organization policies. When it comes to nurses, the facts behind those stories can be life-altering. Here are a few of the myths regarding malpractice insurance and nurses:

1. Nurses are only sued if they make a mistake. The truth is that someone believing a wrong has been done can sue a nurse. Even if the lawsuit has no merit, it can often go to trial; and the legal expenses can be overwhelming to defend.

2. Malpractice suits are only filed against doctors. Often when an attorney files a lawsuit, he or she files it against the whole healthcare team, including the nurses. The nurse is then responsible for defending his or her own actions.

3. If a nurse has insurance, they are likely to get sued. This is simply not true. Many plaintiff’s attorneys name multiple parties in a malpractice or liability lawsuit in order to increase the amount of a settlement. Whether or not a nurse has insurance is only uncovered during a legal proceeding called ‘discovery.’

Employer based malpractice and liability insurance policies often have defense clauses, and the nurse’s employer can refuse to defend the nurse if it is in his or her best interest. By being proactive and purchasing nursing service organization insurance, a nurse can prevent a lawsuit from altering his or her life forever.

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