A Passport for the Tools of Your Trade

International shipping can be a complicated and expensive process. You should not let complex international shipping hinder your business, however. ATA Carnets are “Admission Temporarire/Temporary Admission” documents that allow you to avoid paying duties and taxes when shipping your goods internationally. This specialized customs document is meant to simplify the shipping of goods that will be brought into a foreign country for less than a year. These documents are used in almost 100 countries and territories, giving you many opportunities for business expansion.

What Can Be Shipped With a Carnet?

A wide range of industries may take advantage of the Carnet system. Artists shipping their work for an exhibition, musicians on international tours, circuses and zoos shipping large animals, or sports teams in international competitions may all take advantage of Carnets. Commercial samples, professional equipment, and goods used in exhibitions are the most common items listed on a Carnet. Consumable and disposable items cannot travel under a Carnet because they will not leave the foreign country once they arrive there.

ATA Carnets promote international travel and business. Don’t allow the daunting thought of international shipping prohibit you from reaching your goals. An insurance carrier who specializes in trade and transportation will help you with your unique Carnet situation.

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