Protect Your Dance Studio

dance studio insurance

In terms of small businesses, dance studios carry different risk factors than most. Performing arts businesses require significant physical activity from the performers and traditional insurance doesn’t cover the risks involved.

Fortunately, you can find industry-specific options in the form of dance studio insurance.

What Dance Studio Coverage Covers

With dance studio insurance, necessary medical costs receive coverage. For instance, if a performer needs x-rays or surgery to heal an injury encountered at the studio, the insurance will pay. In addition, hospital stays and healing devices often fall under the coverage.

Who Dance Studio Coverage Covers

In terms of who can benefit from dance studio coverage, it covers anyone associated with the functioning of the studio.
For instance, this type of insurance covers:

  • Owners
  • Instructors
  • Directors
  • Employees

Of course, as with any insurance policy, there are optional coverages and add-ons that you can apply to your insurance. You can always customize your policies to fit your studios.
In the performing arts industry, there are very specific risks involved. To protect yourself and your dance studio, you can’t opt out of dance studio insurance. This protects you, your employees and everyone associated with the studio. When you have the security of insurance, you’ll be surprised how much peace of mind it gives you.

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