Reduce the Risks to Pregnancy Help Centers

When couples first realize that they are pregnant, one of the first thoughts may revolve around providing quality prenatal care to the unborn child. For many couples, however, there are no resources to pay for that important care. In response to this need in many communities, pregnancy help centers have been established. At these centers, couples can obtain the testing, consultations, education, and sometimes housing that can be so critical at this time. However, as the centers provide these services, they are often at risk due to cases of liability or unnecessary exposure. Prenatal insurance for these non-profit organizations is one form of protection that will ensure that the center can remain open.


As the centers provide services to members of the community, they may need the specific protections that prenatal insurance makes available. These include general and professional liability, directors and officers liability, protection from employee-related lawsuits, and any other claims that are brought against the center.


With a carefully developed prenatal insurance policy, the pregnancy help centers will have the tools that they need to continue offering services that benefit the whole community. With the insurance policy, the centers can survive cases where visitors slipped and fell or incidents involving allegations of abuse. Maybe even more importantly, the policies may provide the centers with access to insurance providers who can advise directors on risk management or turn them toward other important resources. In the end, good insurance may be one of the most important items on the center’s budget.

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