Does My School Really Need Charter School Liability Insurance?

Aside from the fact that school districts require general liability insurance for all schools in the district, there are other reasons that charter school liability insurance is a good idea. If you are an administrator of a charter school and are considering going with the minimal amount available, you may want to consider some reasons why full coverage is best. The following are some reasons that your school will benefit from a comprehensive insurance policy.


The first reason liability insurance is a good idea for your charter school is because of the rise in school-related lawsuits. Of course, you don’t plan to be involved in a lawsuit, but they unfortunately happen. School liability coverage ensures that whether a student or parent chooses to sue the institution, the officers of the school, or a specific teacher, there will be financial support for the claim.


Another reason that school liability should be purchased for your charter school is because you never know when someone will get hurt on your property. Proper insurance coverage ensures that the injured individual will have financial support to recover from the injury. This could range from a slip and fall requiring a cast to a fall from the roof during a repair, requiring a hospital stay.


As you can see, there are some important reasons to purchase a charter school liability insurance policy. In addition to it being required by school districts, legal and medical financial responsibilities can be taken care of easier.

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