Why Third Party Staffing Agencies Need Insurance

staffing agency insurance
staffing agency insurance

In order to have a safe working environment, a company needs to provide specific benefits to its employees. Among these benefits is industry related insurance coverage to protect both individuals and businesses from injury, wrong-doing, and unexpected unemployment. A third party staffing center often needs to provide such protection for the workers they contract out. Staffing agency insurance allows both contracted employees and the participating businesses to be protected as either national or state regulations require.


Protection From the Unexpected


Insurance is often required to protect people against loss in a crisis. Manufacturing industries in particular are often associated with substantial risk to workers in and around heavy machinery. For example, if a staffing agency provides a manufacturer with a contracted welder, someone must be able to protect the welder in the event of a workplace related accident. Coverage provided by staffing agency insurance can include:


  • Workers compensation
  • Abusive acts
  • Crime
  • Employment practices
  • Auto liability


Adequate Coverage Brings Peace of Mind


Both temporary workers and the businesses who hire them through a staffing company need to know that both their rights and safety are protected. Because of this, staffing agency insurance is required so that even workers who are only on the job for a few months can be protected in the event of an accident or incident. With the right insurance, employee and employer can be more relaxed knowing that they have coverage.


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Current SEO Trends That Insurance Agencies Should Take Advantage Of


Insurance Agency SEO
Insurance Agency SEO

Is the web traffic to your website slowing down? If so, you might want to double check if your business is taking advantage of the latest trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A website without a solid SEO plan is like a car without fuel—it isn’t going anywhere. SEO practices evolve rapidly; your Insurance Agency SEO plan needs to as well.

Quality Beats Quantity

SEO used to be all about quantity; SEO experts did whatever they could to get as many hyperlinks to a website as possible. And it worked. The search engine “crawlers” that determine web page ranking are now able to assess the overall quality and professionalism of websites. The appearance, function, and written content of your website has to be as professional and relevant as possible if you want to get the best results out of your Insurance Agency SEO plan. Quality is now more important than quantity.

Mobile is a Must

Websites that are not mobile friendly are soon to be left in the dust. Well over half of mobile phone owners use their phones to access the internet on a daily basis; if current trends continue, mobile devices will soon surpass computers for daily internet usage. A website has to work with all types and brands of mobile devices in order to get the best possible SEO results.

The continued success of your SEO plan will ultimately come down to whether or not your plan is keeping up with the latest trends and practices. Having the right professional SEO service assist you throughout the process will help ensure that your site keeps attracting the all important search engine crawlers.

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