The Difference in Residential Coverage

Encompass Home Insurance

Home ownership comes with many responsibilities, and some of them can be quite stressful. Perhaps your initial introduction in the world of decision-making involved your selection of home insurance. It shouldn’t have to be a stressful endeavor, and the team at Encompass Home Insurance have made it their goal to provide a “one and done” approach to insurance policies. They are proud to offer one bill, one policy to combines multiple coverage needs and one yearly premium.

In addition to their unique perspective on customer service, they have designed a comprehensive coverage system that is clearly identified for potential clients. They offer tiered policies classified as Deluxe or Elite, which allows you to choose how much coverage you need or want. Some of the special protection options include electronics, jewelry, firearms, credit card theft, pets and even landscape.

Their individualized approach to insurance is a true feat of exceptionalism, as Encompass Home Insurance boasts more than 2,800 independent agents serving a customer base that runs nationwide. Their commitment to excellence dates back to 1897, showing that some things indeed become better with time. Although they have faced several name changes, their mission and delivery have proved timeless and superior. Their brand is now recognized as being innovative, forward-thinking and customer-centric.

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